Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Today's Links

A couple links to help you get through your humpday:
  • Dwight Howard is a freak. If you need further proof, check out his "kiss the rim" dunk from All-Star weekend. Some of the local sports guys here in Houston say they'd never even consider trading Yao Ming for Howard. Truth is, neither the Rockets or Magic would make that deal. But, as much as I like Yao, I'd take Howard in a heartbeat. His ceiling is practically limitless and Yao (like every other plodding big man before him) looks like he might be battling injuries from here on out.
  • And for those of you who can't watch "The Naked Gun" ever again solely because of O.J. Simpson's mere presence, you'll want to check out this story. It's like the guy is a pro wrestling heel now. He knows the world not only hates him, but will always hate him, so he's just going to feed the beast from now until the bitter end. Which can't come soon enough, by the way.

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