Thursday, March 22, 2007

This Better Work

There's a New #8 in Town

Well, you know I had to sound off on the Texans' big trade. You can read my response on the Houston Press website here. Obviously, David Carr had to go. But it's a damn shame things didn't work out with him here in H-Town. He was always a stand-up guy and he took FAR more heat than he ever deserved. Seems so long ago that this city was in love with the guy when he became the franchise cornerstone. Hell, I wore his jersey proudly for years. I just hope he ends up with a team like Detroit, where he'd have a shot at success with Mike Martz and company, as opposed to a "Welcome to hell" franchise like Oakland. By the way, this paragraph was brought to you by Tiffany and her heartbreaking rendition of "Could've Been".

As for tonight's NCAA games, I think the chalk will continue to thrive, with one exception: Texas A&M is going to knock off the Tigers from Memphis. But is that even an upset at this point? Considering Memphis may be without its best player, I say no. Looking ahead to tomorrow's tilts, I'll take Georgetown, Florida, UNLV and... man, I want to pick USC, I really do. But I have to stick with my bracket. So Tar Heels survive in a squeaker.


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