Monday, January 8, 2007

Live Journal of the BS Title Game

7:35 PM

Welcome to the first-ever C.C.C. live journal! Dare I say, I told you so? Obviously, it's way too early to declare the Buckeyes national champs, but what a start! Ted Ginn looks like he wants to be a top ten pick this April (although did anyone else see Aaron Gant's hold on Reggie Nelson?). And layoffs??? Are we talking layoffs??? Doesn't look like it hurt OSU too much, did it?

7:49 PM

Nice answer from Florida. Gotta give it up the Gators on that drive. A three-and-out on their opening drive would have been killer. Do we have a game on our hands? For my credibility (and that of the Fez theory), I sure hope not.


Deja vu. One year after replay failed to overturn a Vince Young touchdown (when his knee was clearly down), the refs blow it again on Percy Harvin's 4 yard plunge. In the grand scheme of things, it's probably insignificant, but you can't help but wonder how these mistakes are made on the biggest stage. 14-7, Florida. Time for Troy Smith to step up. His draft status (and subsequent millions) depend upon it.

8:21 PM

21-7, Florida, one play into the 2nd quarter. The difference so far: Chris Leak has all day to throw while Troy Smith is getting harassed and looking like Vinny Testeverde. To top it all off, Ohio State is looking like a plodding Big 10 team (it doesn't help that Ted Ginn is injured)... just like Michigan against USC. The Buckeyes need to answer NOW.

We're all lamenting the quick death of the Fez theory

8:27 PM

OSU comes through right on cue. I've been waiting for their running game to get going and Antonio Pittman delivered. Be interesting to see how he rates come draft day. We need some help here in Houston, Tony. Although don't bother if Adrian Peterson falls into our laps (not likely). 21-14, Gators.


The Buckeyes finally apply some pressure to Leak and what do you know? The Gators punt for the first time. It's become pretty clear OSU will lose this game if they don't get in Leak's face. Of course, you have to worry about Harvin breaking a big play if Ohio State is forced to constantly blitz. One other thing: Why weren't the Gators called for delay of game on that drive? And why weren't the announcers all over this? That's two obvious calls they've missed now.


I never would have picked OSU to win if I knew Jason White was going to be their starting quarterback.


Ohio State apparently learned nothing from USC's weak 4th and 1 call last year. I think I'm about to kill Fez and I imagine Ohio State backers everywhere will be more than happy to bury him too at this point. The only possible salvation I see at this point for the Buckeyes is if Chris Leak remember who he is. When rotten field goal kickers are drilling 43 yarders, you know you're in BIG trouble. Check that, when rotten field goal kickers are drilling two from 40+, you know you're pretty much finished. Do you think Tony Romo watched those two kicks, buried his head into Carrie Underwood's bosom and dissolved into a canal of tears?

Hope you've got plenty of Kleenex handy, Carrie


Troy Smith fumbles. It's over, folks. This could get USC-Oklahoma circa 2005 ugly.


Sorry for the break. I can't remember whether I fell asleep, fell into a coma or fell into the grave I'm digging for Fez. What a disaster. Just a horrible game and a pathetic performance from the entire Buckeye team from the moment Ginn crossed the goal line.

As for Troy Smith, he went from being a possible top ten pick (with a sterling performance) to rounds 2 or 3. At least he still has this recommendation from a New York stripper on his resume:

"He will be a great pro. He's got it. He's a natural leader. I can tell."

Think they'll give Troy his third round signing bonus in singles?


Get ready to hear a lot about the so-called "Gator Slam". Florida now holds the national title in football and basketball. Wow. And how about Urban Meyer? Just an incredible offensive gameplan, especially when you consider how inconsistent this Gator team was on offense all year.

Last but not least, like 99% of every football game you'll see, this contest was won in the trenches. The Florida D-line dominated and their offensive linemen did a tremendous job keeping Chris Leak clean.


Final word goes to my man, K-Knight. "Here is the problem with the Fez theory: hot girls continue to bang Fez, even though they know what he's about. And right now, I think he could nail Troy Smith."


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