Thursday, February 15, 2007

Coming Out of the Bigotry Closet

You have to hand it to Tim Hardaway. Honestly, I think it's great that he said what he said. Of course, the content of his diatribe is ridiculous. But it's potentially positive because it exposes the ridiculous line of thinking that, unfortunately, has been adopted by a huge portion of the population. Even better, it forces people to discuss a topic that's usually considered taboo. And, as far as I'm concerned, that's ALWAYS a good thing.

On the court, huge re-match between the Rockets and Mavs tonight. This time, Houston gets Dallas at the Toyota Center, so it should be a much more competitive game than last week's laugher. That said, the Mavs are just too good right now and much too athletic for a still short-handed Rockets' squad. Dallas wins a squeaker, 101-99.

One other rant before I go: I'd like to hear from the people who don't think Steve Nash isn't the MVP because he plays with an All-Star team. Oh really??? How good do they look without him now?

I know this argument is played out, but I get so tired of people knocking Nash because of his *Great* supporting cast. Look, I love Shawn Marion, but don't people notice how he transforms from great to merely good (or average) when Nash isn't around? Yet, I'm sure when Phoenix gets healthy and goes on another big roll I'll have to listen to haters saying Nash is just benefiting from his cast of All-Star teammates. Just please do me a favor and keep reminding those knuckleheads that it's the other way around.

Have to get that off my chest once a year.

New NBA column coming tomorrow.


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