Monday, December 11, 2006

An Introduction of sorts...

You cried when Phi Slamma Jamma fell flat in Albuquerque. You walked around in a catatonic haze for weeks after Kevin Bass flailed away at yet another Jesse Orosco slider in '86. You morphed into Bobby Knight when the Oilers became the patron saints of choke artists on a wintry January day in Orchard Park, New York. And more recently, you prepared yourself for another decade of suffering after Vince Young turned Reliant Stadium into his own personal playground. Welcome home, Houston fans. This blog's for you. We'll wallow in our misery together while dissecting the triumphs (hopefully) and travails of our hometown teams. And for those who couldn't care less about H-Town, we'll regularly expand our horizons and tackle the national sports scene as well. So in the meantime, make yourself at home, read on and know that your thoughts and opinions are always welcome.

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